Learning Support

Christ The King Academy has a Learning Support Teacher who acts as the lead for the Learning Team and facilitates all specialized programming. We strive to maintain our school division's motto of "Leave Not One Heart Behind" by ensuring that our students have the resources and support required to best achieve their potential.

English Language Learning

Christ The King Academy welcomes and offers support for English Language Learners while ensuring that each child develops a sense of belonging to the school community. ELL students and parents are also often invited to enrich our schools by sharing their own culture. When ELL students arrive, we welcome them with an Intake Assessment which includes a family interview and a series of tests which allow our schools to see what the student can do according to the Alberta Education English as a Second Language Benchmarks.

Enhanced Reading

Reading interventions form a critical part of a comprehensive district-wide literacy plan for Christ The King Academy. Students are given extra reading support in one on one and small group guided reading sessions. They will have access to reading materials of various text types and different genres. Ultimately, Enhanced Reading sessions will provide an interactive and supportive environment which encourages students to become lifelong independent readers as reading responsibility is gradually released to the student.

Family School Liaison Program

Mr. Scott Lachapelle is Christ The King's Family School Liaison Worker. He works collaboratively with students, parents, and school staff to enhance students' social, emotional, behavioral, and academic functioning to help students become more successful. He works in a variety of ways: with individual students, parents, and classrooms. All services are free, confidential, voluntary and offered in the school during school hours. For more information, please call the school at 403-362-4767.

Connections Program

An innovative program at Christ The King Academy works with the school, parents and student while the student is on an in-school suspension. The focus of the work is three-fold: 1)maintaining academics 2) providing social/emotional support and 3) restorative justice.

We also work with other departments and initiatives to help provide all students within the authentic Catholic environments of our school with the knowledge and skills they need to fulfil the plan God has for each of their lives.