Transportation Update: 3:10 pm

UPDATE Strathmore, Brooks and Drumheller Parents: At this time, we anticipate buses will leave the school on time, but in the event they are unable to complete their runs children will be returned to the school. Parents will then be contacted by school staff to make arrangements to pick up your child(ren) or make plans to have your child go to an alternate location (such as a friend or family’s home). Your child will be cared for at the school until such arrangements can be made. 


1:48pm, Feb. 14:

Dear Strathmore, Brooks and Drumheller Parents,

Please be advised that weather conditions across the Strathmore, Brooks and Drumheller areas have deteriorated. Blowing snow is causing poor visibility and icy conditions. Therefore, we are asking that if parents are safely able to make arrangements to pick up their children they are encouraged to do so. At the end of the day, buses will proceed with normal drop-off, however, in the event that roads become impassable, buses will return to the school where your children will be supervised until arrangements for their safe pick up can be made. Children will not be released without parent or guardian permission.

Please be aware that the safety of our students is our utmost concern. We will ensure supervision is available at the schools until we are certain all students have arrived safely home.

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