Positive Words Week

Next week the Connections Club is hosting Power of Positive Words Week.  The Power of Positive Words Week explores the importance and power of words. In the bible in Proverbs 18:21, it is written “Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose.”  This proverb tells us that we have a choice to make. Will the words you use destroy someone or to build them up? Will they endanger someone or help them feel safe?


To celebrate and fully experience the Power of Positive Words Week,  we invite you to participate in a number of activities taking place next week.


Positive Words certificates:

If you get caught using positive words, the connections club members will hand you a Positive Words certificate.  This certificate will get you a free hot chocolate from the Connections Club hot chocolate days.


Create contest

Create a poster, poem, song, video, or essay contest that promotes the power of positive words.  You get to decide what you make. The Connections Club will take in all the submissions and share the winners next Friday at our spirit assembly.  Submissions will be taken until Thursday at end of lunch.


Add to our Positive Words Collection

In the social area, grab a ‘thought bubble’ and add a positive word or message and either give it to someone or post it on the board.


Spirit Assembly

On Friday during we’ll gather in the gym for a special presentation on the Power of Positive Words.