Award Winners 2020

The Power of One – This award is given to a support staff member that demonstrates a strong belief in the values, vision, and mission of the division and shows an outstanding commitment to supporting all stakeholders of our school. This person is incredibly helpful, positive, caring, and contributes to a positive work environment. Christ the King Academy recognizes Mrs. Kari Smit for this prestigious award. Kari’s daily work ethic and positive attitude towards everyone in our school community is greatly appreciated. Kari truly cares about the students she serves and she is valued as a productive team member. Kari gives of herself in ways that demonstrate the compassion and love of Jesus Christ. Congratulations Kari and thank you so much for your service in making our school the best that it can be.


Master Teacher Award – This award recognizes a teacher that continuously fosters the development of students in all areas of intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth as well as builds a stimulating learning environment. The master teacher motivates students to exceed their own expectations while meeting the individual and unique learning styles of each student they serve. A master teacher demonstrates a strong understanding of the subject matter and curriculum and also achieves positive results in student learning. The recipient of this award is also a role model of the Catholic faith and serves as a professional that is team orientated and models higher learning with professional growth. Christ the King Academy recognizes Mrs. Jessica Cameron for her masterful ways of teaching and connecting with her students. Jessica is a very well planned teacher who goes out of her way to meet the diverse learning needs of her students and she is always building trustworthy and meaningful relations with her classes. Jessica is a planner and she is amazingly organized. Mrs. Cameron is a great team player and she freely gives of her expertise and resources to assist others on staff. We are blessed to have Jessica serve our school community and her excellence in teaching produces amazing results in the learning accomplishments of our children.

Above and Beyond Award – This award recognizes a staff member who always goes the “extra mile” to help support, motivate, and serve the overall school community and its stakeholders. This person volunteers for special events and activities freely and possess a unique blend of industry, passion, and enthusiasm. The award recipient is a person who models exemplary work ethic in every aspect of their job as well as their involvement in extra-curricular event and they continuously demonstrate an attitude of servant leadership. Christ the King Academy is very proud to announce that Mr. Ed Burla is our Above and Beyond Award Recipient. Colleagues mentioned that Ed’s greatest strength is his energy and enthusiasm in being involved within the lives of the students he serves as well as the overall success of our school’s extra-curricular sports. Mr. Burla coaches nearly every sporting event that our school offers and he has spent countless hours developing the athletic abilities and mindsets of those students who participate in our sport programs. Often the administration of the school has called upon him to help during his very busy day and his immediate response, with a smile, is YES. Mr. Burla, you make our school a place of excellence by serving as a role model and leader that changes the lives of our students and betters the entire school community.

Edwin Parr Award – This award is a provincial award that recognizes excellence of first year teachers. This prestigious award celebrates a first year teacher that exemplary service within the Teacher Quality Standards. This award recipient is selected by the principal of the school and the categories that are recognized in this awards criteria include fostering effective relationships, engaging in career long learning, demonstrates a professional body of knowledge, establishes inclusive learning environments, applies foundational knowledge about First Nations, Metis and Inuit as well as adheres to the legal frameworks and policies as set out by the government of Alberta. This year, I have chosen Miss Maria Turano. Maria is a first year teacher that is demonstrating excellence and mastery in areas of her teaching. Staff and students alike have come to trust her and value her as part of our staff team. Maria’s joyful personality and high level of professionalism is always evident. Miss Turano takes the time to get to know the students and their individual learning needs of the students she serves. Maria’s greatest strength is in the area of constructing meaningful and trustworthy relations with all the stakeholders of our school community. As principal, I have witnessed many, many times the authentic and professional approach she takes in her teaching methodologies and personized teaching styles that the students have come to adore and appreciate. Thank you very much Maria for being a beacon of excellence in our school and know that you are incredibly deserving of this prominent award.